Minerals and mineral water play a very important role in our lives. The micronutrients and macronutrients are not just chemical elements, but essential components from which the human body is made of. It needs minerals for it`s vital activities.

Your body does not produce minerals itself, so it receives them only from food and water and stores them mainly in the muscles and bones.

For example, process like bone formation requires minerals such as calcium, manganese, boron, magnesium, etc. Some of these, plus sodium and potassium for example, are very important for muscle function and for the nervous system.

Zinc and sulfur are very important for nail, hair and skin. Healthy blood formation cannot happen without iron. Iron also gives the blood a red color. The availability of trace minerals, vitamins and enzymes also depends on the presence of micro and macro elements.


Why do We Lose Minerals?

Today, it is easy to lose minerals but difficult to recover them in sufficient quantities. Soils no longer contain all the necessary minerals that the body needs, and so the plants we eat are missing nutrients. Secondly, eating habits have also changed drastically, and our daily menu is no longer sufficiently varied.

In old times, almost every family had their own garden, where they could grow their own vegetables and fruits, pick berries and put them directly into their mouths to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Today, we purchase more and more prepared and processed foods, which do not contain a wide variety and sufficient amounts of minerals our body needs to function properly.

In addition, we also lose minerals during sweating when we are doing sports, sunbathing, taking a sauna, or due to illness or menopause.

To deal with diseases, your body uses a large amounts of minerals. For example, zinc, sulfur, iodine and many other minerals are all involved in eliminating viruses and inflammation. So, in order to cope with pathological attacks, your body needs additional material – vitamins, minerals and other essential substances.

stress, fatigue and tiredness

What Causes a Mineral Deficiency and What Can You Do to Eliminate It?

Stress, depression, smoking and alcohol consumption also cause mineral deficiency. Without minerals, however, your body becomes excessively acidic, and diseases can start to slowly develop. Therefore, it is necessary to help to rebuild the body, and so do the minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and all the other essential micronutrients and macronutrients do.

Therefore, the mineral water is always an excellent pick. Whether you are on the runway, recover from illness or are at work, take a bottle of mineral water with you.

Continuous consumption of mineralized water throughout the day helps to keep your body in good tone, restores post-workout body resources, avoids the constant need for snacking, helps to keep your body alkaline and provides many other benefits.


Deep ocean mineral water

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