High Standards
    high standards

    The Estonian company, ECOSH, was established in 2014. All ECOSH products are made in Estonia. Ecosh Life OÜ and our management system and production have been awarded the ISO 22000:2018 certificate.

    This means that the production of ECOSH food supplements complies with the international quality standards specified in the certificate.

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    for quality

    We use clean—and, where possible, organic—raw materials. We test the composition of the contents at the Estonian Health Safety Laboratory and other private laboratories, e.g. Icosagen AS.

    Microbiological and chemical analyses are carried out to verify that raw materials and products do not contain microorganisms or pathogens that are harmful to humans and that the product contains sufficient active units of authorized vitamins and minerals.

    We buy our raw materials from internationally recognized, quality-certified industries — mainly in the UK, but also in the USA, France, Estonia, Brazil, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. We base our purchases on quality certificates (FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, ISO, Organic, Halal) and Certificates of Analysis (COA) of raw materials.

    new health trends

    We offer a broad spectrum of preventive and supportive food supplements for which we have received widespread public attention and positive recognition. Our customers especially love our BACILLUS SUBTILIS+, CHAGA & BLACK GARLIC, PARA-HERB, BODY CLEANSING DETOX, INTESTINAL CLEANSING DETOX, ECOBIOTIC and more.

    We recognize needs, listen to our customers, and collaborate with renowned scientists, therapists, and universities in the field—such as Tallinn University of Technology, Enterprise Estonia, and ARIB—to develop new products.

    For example, from September 21st, 2020 to May 31st, 2021, project EU60338 (Development of a Liposomal Vitamin Preparation) was implemented at ECOSH with co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The project was supported by Enterprise Estonia’s Innovation Shares support measure, with a grant of €3960.

    In ECOSH’s latest cooperation project with TUT, we began developing a liquid liposomal vitamin C under the guidance of Estonia’s most renowned food scientist Raivo Vokk. In addition to its pleasant taste, the supplement is laboratory tested and offers bioactive effects.

    In light of the rapid growth of the company and our increased need for greater production efficiency, the company is acquiring bottling, encapsulation, and packaging machines with the help of the ARIB (Agricultural Registers and Information Board). Under ARIB’s investment support program for micro and small enterprises in processing and marketing of agricultural products, Ecosh Life OÜ has been awarded €296 352,57 to upgrade its machinery.


Võtame vastutuse
    in the power of nature

    Folk medicine has supported our ancestors for millennia. This is where the roots of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry lie. We’re going back to the source: putting modern, cutting-edge technology at our service, so we can deliver the best and most powerful parts of nature’s pharmacy in controlled, tested, and precise doses.

    you make choices

    We involve natural medicine therapists and specialists with medical backgrounds as advisors. We know each and every one of our products inside and out. We acquire new knowledge on the interaction, efficacy, and dosage of active substances on a daily basis. Thanks to our wide range of products, we can offer holistic support and solutions for many health problems and their prevention. Our products are recommended as therapeutic aids by therapists, family doctors, and specialists.


Võtame vastutuse
    with love & light

    We believe that everything we give of ourselves is sent back to us in one way or another—in both the spiritual and the physical world. Words have power, thoughts have might, and actions have consequences; in the end, only love remains. The ECOSH mindset is one of participation and involvement. We lend a hand in clean-ups in Estonia and around the world; support those in need; and practice a healthy lifestyle that involves all those who want to get involved. In fact, we are happy to say that our originally distinct collective immunity- and spirit-boosting hobby, ice bathing, has now become Estonians’ favorite winter sport.


    That’s why we want our packaging to be made from reusable materials wherever possible and why we use waste paper as a cushioning material to ensure the safe delivery of our products. The glass jars used to package ECOSH capsules are made from recycled glass.


Võtame vastutuse
    internally and expand

    ECOSH is a fast-growing brand expanding into international markets. We have moved from Estonia to markets in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Italy, and as far afield as America. We value both personal and corporate internal development. We invest in production, new technology, and growth. Our 1000 m2 of production space and our warehouse for finished products will soon be expanded.

    to everyone

    The ECOSH e-shop sells more than 70 of our quality products. Online sales are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During workdays, you can even get advice from natural medicine specialists. ECOSH contributes to in-depth product information and thematic blogs, where you can find answers to most questions as well as new insights and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.

    On Tallinn business days, an ECOSH power courier can deliver your parcel within two hours of placing your order—free of charge for orders over €49. Free delivery is also offered all over Estonia for orders over €25 by Omniva, DPD, and SmartPOST.

    our people

    With ECOSH, you can be who you are and discover what lies hidden within yourself. We are fellow travelers and pioneers, friends and partners, learners and teachers, seekers and discoverers. ECOSH is a way of life for us. We offer our customers what we believe in and we put passion and commitment into sharing it. Product quality is an obvious priority for us. Collectively, we are the consumers and biggest fans of all our products. It’s great to see that our health-conscious community is growing, and you’re the one who’s here to pick up the knowledge.