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NEW! BODY CLEANSING from heavy metals

Ecosh Body Cleansing Detox with seven evacuant plants helps to cleanse the body from toxins, feed the body with valuable nutrients, prevent health disorders, and to support the work of immune and other important organ systems.

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59.77 $

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4 tbs (20 g), 1 tbs = 5 g

Atlantic red algae (Palmaria palmata)




Barleygrass juice powder


Wild blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillius) powder


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) root extract


Burdock root (Articum Lappa) powder


Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) seed powder

187,5 mg

Body Cleansing Detox

contributes to cleansing the body, supports liver functions and enriches the body with nutrients.

Body Cleansing Detox
additive FREE
Lactose free

BODY CLEANSING DETOX food additive contributes to cleansing the body, supports liver functions, and enriches the body with nutrients.

We live in an era of industry. On a daily basis, harmful compounds of toxins that endanger our health and well-being can enter our bodies. These harmful compounds reach our bodies through air, water and food e.g. fish from contaminated water bodies, cans, pipes, car exhaust, as well as amalgam seals, vaccines, etc.

The best thing we can do for us is to clean the body out of these dangerous substances. This is where nature gives us its helping hand with the mighty plants. These are the plants that bind toxins to themselves, taking them out of the body and at the same time leaving valuable nutrients that feed the cells in the body.

Body Cleansing Detox:

  • helps to clean the body from toxins,
  • feeds the body with valuable nutrients,
  • helps to prevent health disorders,
  • supports the functioning of the immune and other important organ systems.

Atlantic red algae and spirulina are seaweed that is good at binding harmful compounds and taking them out of the body. The dandelion, the milk thistle and the burdock root support the functions of the liver and other affected organs. The dandelion and the milk thistle also protect the cells and tissues from oxidative damage. Blueberry and barley provide metabolism with the necessary nutrients.

Administration: Take 2-4 tablespoons per day with water, coconut water, yoghurt or juice. If you wish, a banana can be added to the detox smoothie to reduce the taste of algae. Other fruits, such as lettuce leaves and berries may also be added to the smoothie. Start administration at lower doses, e.g. 2 teaspoons in the morning x 2 teaspoons in the evening. In case of diarrhoea, reduce the amount until stabilisation and then gradually increase the dose.

Caution: Do not use the supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you are taking medications, talk to your doctor or a therapist in the area. A food additive does not substitute for a diverse and balanced diet
and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Quantity of product: 500 g of vegetable powder.

Ecosh Life High Quality Body Cleansing Detox are great for those of you who wish to be healthful – embody the inspiration of vitality and refresh yourself with the spirit of revitalizing. Our products are all manufactured in Estonia, a beautiful country in Northern Europe – more than 54% of our land is covered with forests, our land is abundantly green and immensely delightful. Many raw materials come from our country so we can guarantee high Scandinavian quality. We never source inferior ingredients as only the finest quality will do. We collaborate with doctors, therapists and scientists. Buy securely from Ecosh Life and purchase confidently from esteemed and trustworthy European brand.

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15 reviews for NEW! BODY CLEANSING from heavy metals

  1. James (verified owner)

    The BODY CLEANSING from heavy metals is the best heavy metals detox available.

    I have been using this on a regular basis and have recommended this to all my friends and family. Most of them have started using and have provided awesome feedback. The results are simply amazing.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone facing challenges with their overall health, especially related to allergies, including psoriasis or dry skin related issues, nickel allergies {mix 2 tablespoons of this to cilantro juice for best results}, etc. I wish the Ecosh team all the very best.

    Having said that, the sad part is that this amazing product does not ship to India and certain other countries where I have some of my close family and friends. Hope the company will explore ways of opening up shipping to India and the other left out countries as well.

  2. AnnaMaria Maugeri (verified owner)

    It’s been only a few days and I’m already going to see the difference I’m very familiar with all the herbs in this so I know they’re all great I’m so happy I decided to do this cleanse the only thing I’m worried about is will it affect my metal hips, which are both titanium could you email me and lmk if this Detox will be ok with my titanium hips! Other than that I love this product! Thank you!

  3. Ebun (verified owner)

    Thiis detox has been nothing short of amazing, it has only been about a week. bu t have been seeing the different in my bowel movements.Feeling a bit fatigue but I know that is only part it well get better. The taste took a little getting used to but now it is okay. I drink it with juice or sparkling water, I intend to detox 3 months. After 3 months I will write another review.

  4. olamide1974 (verified owner)

    I am so glad I stumbled on this on the internet and very pleased I bought it.
    My order came quickly and withing 2 weeks of using i see the effects. I drink with water, though wasn’t pleasant initially but its worth it.
    I have recommended to my friends and they are ordering.
    Thank you

  5. Melinda (verified owner)

    This product is so amazing…I felt the difference in bowel movements after 3 days of use…the taste is not as bad as you say… I’m able to mix in room temp water and drink it down followed by a smoothie…

  6. Terence (verified owner)

    The ecosh heavy metal cleanse was very easy to use, and very important to me. I have been trying different products to improve my overall health. This is one I would definitively order again.

  7. Emma (verified owner)

    Great product! I can definitely feel it working after about a week. I drink it first thing every morning and before I go to bed with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of stevia. Tastes great.

  8. Janet

    I drink it with homemade apple juice, so it tastes good, too! It is still too early to expect noticeable results.

  9. Aivi

    I’m content! I drink it with water and it’s okay

  10. Carolyn

    Satisfied, you get used to the taste. I drink it with orange juice.

  11. Robert

    I drink it with water! Every morning! It gives a great start to the day when you’re in a hurry and can’t make a detox smoothie with fresh ingredients!

  12. Yanika

    Ordering was easy and the order was quickly fulfilled. Thank you! You can feel the taste of blueberries in the product :), I mix it with flavored water.

  13. Reine

    I highly recommend this product if you wish to thoroughly cleanse your body. If you drink it with water, the taste is challenging, but the goal is noble and you must endure. Quite tolerable. In my opinion, the best body cleansing powder here in Estonia, pure ingredients and a guaranteed result, reflected in your skin, digestion and energy.

  14. Linda

    I am very pleased because it combines different good things and is convenient to use. I use it in smoothies in the mornings with various berries and fruits and leafy greens (spinach, coriander, parsley etc.). The taste hasn’t bothered me.

  15. Evelyn

    I am very content with this product. I personally use it in smoothies which are very nourishing and invigorating. I feel like I have more energy when I drink this product.

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