Psyllium + blueberry


Psyllium and blueberry

Psyllium husk or Indian plantago ovata or Isphagula and blueberry

Psyllium seeds is natural dietary fiber, which supports the digestion and

improves intestinal health.

Psyllium has a unique water-binding effect, distends in intestine compared to starting volume twenty times. As a result, it pulls the dirt off of the walls of the intestine and comes out with the faeces.

Thanks to the distension, psyllium creates a feeling of fullness, which helps prevent overeating.

Blueberry supports micro-vascular circulation and is a natural protection against free radicals.

Psyllium and blueberry:

Cleans the intestine

Improves gastrointestinal activity

Supports micro-vascular bloodstream

The natural protection against free radicals

Helps regulate weight

Dosage: 4-6 capsules daily. Psyllium should be taken in with plenty of water, that psyllium can absorb it.

Contraindications: intestinal paralysis or colon expansion.

Quantities/Serving: 120 capsules, net 40g.